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Thank you so much :) Do you know how can I see the blue arrow animation? I can't find it in the Bows folder.

I actually forgot to put it in. I'll add it asap, if I can't find it I'll make a new one really quick.


I replaced the bows folder.

Damn, that was quick. Thank you for your kindness, you are great. I will use these assets in my pixel art platformer. The blue arrow will give the player a debuff. Do you have a twitter so I can tag you when posting pics?

No twitter, all good. Would like to see your game though.

What is the license for these assets?   Can they be used in a commercial project?  Thanks.

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Yes, anything except reselling. You don't need to, but would be nice if you give credit, I'll also try to advertise your project wherever I can.  Good luck!

Btw, will soon be adding 16 more animated bows.